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Why Should You Choose LUE Energy Advisory Service?

Light Up Energy offers a clear, professional approach to energy management. We analyse your business’s unique needs to recommend the most suitable tariffs and contracts. Our unbiased service presents a range of offers from various suppliers, ensuring you get the best fit. Our recommendations are grounded in a comprehensive analysis of unit prices, standing charges, and contract terms.

Our expertise and market knowledge will help you secure energy contracts that significantly reduce your energy expenditure in the long run. As a result, you can allocate resources more effectively, boost your bottom line, and ultimately improve profitability for your business.

Let Light Up Energy handle the time-consuming tasks, including researching suppliers and getting the best quotes. You will be free from the complexities of energy procurement to focus on running and growing your business. Using our energy advisory service will save you money and provide you with more valuable time and resources to do what you do best!

Energy Advisory Service

When you need new contracts for Business Electricity or Business Gas, two choices are available, you can either go directly to a few energy suppliers or get specialist help from industry professionals who can find improved rates and save you valuable time.

As an impartial consultancy, Light Up Energy works with a wide range of business electricity and business gas suppliers.  We provide a transparent and professional service to help you decide the best suitable tariffs and contracts that are designed to fit your business’ specific needs. We do not favour any single supplier and will provide a range of offers.  Our business energy consultants recommendations are based on unit price, standing charges and contract terms.

Energy prices track commodity markets and are continually impacted by many factors such as weather, geopolitical events, and seasonal demand.  We can track the market for you to advise you on when to take advantage of lower prices


Choosing a Business Energy Supplier

From the days of the big six energy suppliers, there are now a large number of business energy suppliers. Choosing a business energy supplier can be complicated as different suppliers favour different sectors and sizes of business. Some prefer hospitality, others elect big industrial sites, some are good with multi-sites whilst others favour smaller businesses and charities.  Understanding which business energy supplier to approach in each given situation is key to achieving favourable market-leading prices.

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We Are Here To Help

Our expert Business Energy Consultants will help to secure you a good business energy contract, handle transfers between suppliers, help with billing problems, changes of tenancy, metering issues and make sure your contracts are administered properly for their duration.

We will anticipate your contract renewals, ensuring that termination notices are submitted in due course, and evaluate market conditions to secure the best renewal prices. 

Our Process to Help You Negotiate the Best Energy Contract

At Light Up Energy, we specialise in optimising energy costs through a proactive approach:

  • Tracking Prices: We continuously monitor energy prices to identify the best opportunities for cost savings.
  • Strategically Timing Contract Renewals: We carefully time your contract renewals to ensure you benefit from the most favourable market conditions.
  • Using Group Leverage: We leverage the collective buying power of our clients to negotiate better rates and terms.
  • Comparing Prices Across 20 Energy Companies: Our comprehensive comparison includes major suppliers, guaranteeing the best available options.

As an impartial consultancy, Light Up Energy works with a wide range of business electricity and gas suppliers. We provide a transparent and professional service to help you decide on the most suitable tariffs and contracts designed to fit your business’s specific needs. We do not favour any single supplier and will provide a range of offers. Our business energy consultants’ recommendations are based on unit price, standing charges, and contract terms.

Energy prices track commodity markets and are continually impacted by factors such as weather, geopolitical events, and seasonal demand. We can track the market for you and advise you on when to take advantage of lower prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An energy advisor is an expert in energy usage optimisation who helps businesses manage all energy-related matters. Energy advisors visit customers’ facilities to conduct in-depth energy audits, identifying their energy usage and efficiency. These professionals help organisations develop structured strategies for energy procurement and risk reduction, ultimately enabling better decisions in the energy markets.

Find out more about: What Is An Energy Advisor?

Energy Advisors primarily focus on residential energy performance. They assess homes and provide advice to homeowners on potential energy savings during the design, construction, and renovation stages. To become an officially recognised NRCan-Registered Energy Advisor, candidates must pass the Foundation Level Exam and the Energy Advisor Exam. The path to certification includes specialised preparation courses, such as the NRCan Foundation Level Exam Prep Course and the NRCan Energy Advisor Exam Prep Course, which offer Continuing Education Units and CSEP points.

Energy Auditors typically work in commercial and industrial settings. They achieve certification through the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and earn the Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) credential. They must pass the CEA exam, submit an application, and undergo review by the Certification Board. Aspiring Energy Auditors can prepare for their role through a 4-day Certified Energy Auditor course, which also provides Continuing Education Units and CSEP points.

Although you can conduct your own energy audit, it requires extensive time and resources to perform an in-depth analysis. Working with an energy advisor saves you time and allows you to focus on improving your operations. Below are additional advantages you can gain from working with energy advisors:

  • Comprehensive energy service: They offer a wide range of services, including those specialising in green energy and sustainability.
  • Industry expertise: A team of industry experts will help you consistently manage the energy market, ensuring the most accurate energy purchasing decisions.
  • Supplier agreements and contract language: Energy advisors help you navigate changing markets and contracts. They review necessary data and suggest the most appropriate solutions according to your business’s risk tolerance and budget.
  • Sustainability goals: Energy advisors will help you understand the top actions and approaches that offer the most benefits for your business.
  • Single point of contact and agnostic platform: A reliable energy advisor offers unbiased energy supply purchasing solutions without supplier affiliations.
  • Streamlined energy procurement: Your energy needs will be consolidated under one provider, ensuring simple and effective communication for all your energy-related inquiries and needs.