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A Better Deal on Your Business Gas

Not all utility contracts are created equal. Comparing tariffs can be time consuming and complex, and a true market comparison involves looking beyond unit rates alone. This is where Light Up Energy can add real value, saving you money, time and hassle. We understand just how diverse business gas requirements can be and therefore, when finding the ideal tariff, we account for these complexities where price comparison tools cannot.

The decision of whether to renew or switch business gas suppliers isn’t one you should take lightly. The cheapest business gas rates aren’t always the best choice for your business – especially if you have industry specific requirements.

What if you’re happy with your current supplier? Great, we can still help.  We can help to get a better deal that best fits the needs of your company.  Suppliers often offer better rates through brokers than going direct to them, so you have nothing to lose by using our brokerage services.

Why Choose Light Up Energy for Business Gas?

To ensure you are working with the best gas supplier and the best deal, check out Light Up Energy’s specialised solutions for hospitality and small businesses. We provide business gas services to help you make a more informed decision about switching gas suppliers and learn what you can expect from each supplier.

Light Up Energy comprises a team of seasoned energy advisors with deep knowledge of the gas industry and commercial energy needs. We have years of experience helping businesses optimise gas usage and contracts.

We conduct thorough on-site energy audits to analyse your business’s current gas consumption and infrastructure, providing data-driven insights to develop tailored efficiency solutions.

Light Up Energy partners with, but remains independent from gas suppliers, allowing us to provide truly unbiased comparisons across 20+ companies. This process ensures our clients get the most competitive rates.

Our advisors proactively manage contract renewals to secure the best possible pricing aligned with market conditions, preventing auto-renewals at unfavourable rates.

In addition to cost reduction, Light Up Energy prioritises safety and regulatory compliance through gas system audits, repairs, and ongoing maintenance by licensed technicians.

Business Gas for Hospitality & Small Businesses

Why does business gas matter for hospitality and small businesses?

Natural gas is a crucial energy source for restaurants, ensuring the operation of kitchen appliances, heating, and hot water systems. At Light Up Energy, we understand the unique gas requirements of the hospitality industry and offer flexible gas contracts with a reliable and cost-effective supply of natural gas. This will ensure seamless operations even during peak business hours.

Gas emergencies or equipment failures can disrupt business operations unexpectedly. Light Up Energy works with top suppliers who offer comprehensive gas repair and maintenance services. Additionally, licensed gas technicians are available 24/7 to promptly address any gas issues, minimise downtime, and ensure a safe working environment for your employees and customers.

Reducing energy costs is a top priority for hospitality and small businesses. By providing tailored business gas services, Light Up Energy helps customers become more energy efficient with optimised gas consumption and lower utility bills. We achieve this by conducting thorough energy audits, identifying areas for improvement, and recommending cost-saving measures related to high-efficiency gas appliances, insulation upgrades, and smart energy management systems.

How Light Up Energy Benefits Your Business

For hospitality and small business owners, managing energy needs to optimise gas usage, ensure reliable supply, and maintain compliance with regulations can be a complex and time-consuming task. However, Light Up Energy’s expert advisors provide a comprehensive solution.

Light Up Energy helps hospitality and small businesses achieve significant cost savings by optimising gas usage. Our aim is to take the hassle out of comparing business utilities, leaving you more time for daily operations and more money to reinvest in your company’s actual needs. We compare rates from a wide range of trusted suppliers to ensure you get the best deal aligned with your specific requirements and budget, whether you’re a sole trader or a large corporation.

Using our innovative comparison engine and online checkout, you can easily research the top business gas services from our trusted supplier panel. You will avoid the endless calls, wait times, and pushy sales tactics that often come with provider switches. In short, we handle negotiating the best rates, so you simply pick your preferred deal and we manage the rest for you.

Consistency is key for hospitality and small business gas needs. Disruptions can bring operations to a halt and disappoint customers. Light Up Energy understands this and proactively manages energy contracts to ensure a reliable, uninterrupted gas supply. Our deep relationships with trusted suppliers guarantee a stable energy source, so businesses never have to worry about gas availability impacting their operations. Light Up Energy handles all contract renewals and sourcing to eliminate this headache.

Strict gas safety regulations govern commercial operations, especially within hospitality. Light Up Energy’s business gas services include comprehensive gas safety auditing to identify non-compliance areas. Our licensed technicians can then bring businesses up to code through repairs, upgrades, and proper documentation. Light Up Energy also provides ongoing maintenance to ensure continued adherence to all safety protocols related to gas usage and storage. This commitment to compliance safeguards businesses while giving owners peace of mind.

Our Process for Better Business Gas Quotes

At Light Up Energy, we specialise in optimising energy through a proactive approach to reduce energy costs:

  1. Tracking Prices: We continuously monitor energy prices to identify the best opportunities for cost savings.
  2. Strategically Timing Contract Renewals: By carefully timing your contract renewals, we ensure you benefit from the most favourable market conditions.
  3. Using Group Leverage: We leverage the collective buying power of our clients to negotiate better rates and terms.
  4. Comparing Prices Across 20 Energy Companies: Our comprehensive comparison includes major suppliers, guaranteeing you the best options available.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Statistics from the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, Valuation Office Agency, and ONS, published on, showed that the health sector used the most gas in 2022, with almost 750,000 kWh per year, equalling £88,270. This amount is three times more than that of community and leisure companies, which stood in second place. Meanwhile, hospitality consumed 107,676 kWh, paying £12,787 for gas usage in 2022.

In general, UK businesses experienced an increase of about 50% in their gas bills between 2021 and 2022.

The main reasons for a rise in business gas bills are increasing natural gas supply rates from the utility company and higher usage due to seasonal weather changes requiring more heating or cooling. In addition, if your business uses ageing or inefficient gas-powered equipment and appliances that consume more energy, it will pay more for them. Inadequate insulation and air leaks in the building can also drive up heating and cooling costs significantly.

One common mistake that many businesses make when buying gas contracts is focusing solely on the lowest price per unit instead of considering the total cost, including fees, taxes, and potential future rate fluctuations. These companies also do not thoroughly analyse their historical fuel usage data to get contract terms that are optimally aligned with their consumption patterns.

Many businesses also neglect to secure a backup fuel supply option, leaving them highly vulnerable if their primary provider experiences disruptions like terminal shutdowns or pipeline issues. Companies sometimes lock into long-term contracts without accounting for changing operational needs or emerging energy alternatives that could prove more cost-effective.

Yes, working with an energy broker can be beneficial when purchasing gas supplies for your business. Brokers have expertise in energy markets and can leverage their buying power to secure better pricing from suppliers competing for your contract. A skilled broker provides valuable strategic guidance after assessing your operational needs and future energy demands.

Moreover, they can handle the entire complex procurement process, from analysing offers to negotiating and managing supplier contracts. This practice frees up your team's time while ensuring you get favourable gas rates and terms aligned with your overall energy strategy.

Navigating the complex world of utility contracts and rates can be daunting for businesses. Light Up Energy's gas consulting service takes the guesswork out of finding the ideal tariff for your company's specific needs. Our energy experts go beyond simple unit rate comparisons to conduct thorough market analyses while accounting for your operational requirements and industry.

Whether renewing with an existing supplier or switching providers, we negotiate aggressively to secure optimal rates and contract terms tailored just for you. Don't risk overpaying—let our consultants save you money and valuable time. With suppliers offering their best pricing through brokers, you can optimise your profitability by utilising Light Up Energy's **business gas services**.


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