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A Better Deal on Your Business Electricity

Business electricity can be a complex task requiring specific knowledge and expertise. We understand that your time is best spent running your business. Therefore, we suggest allowing us to handle the process of securing the optimal electricity deal for you.

Over the last decade, business electricity prices have risen constantly and represent a major cost for many UK businesses, we advise don’t accept a renewal price from your electricity supplier without checking you can get a better tariff elsewhere.

In recent years electricity contracts have become more and more complicated. There are numerous add-on costs including environmental taxes and other non-energy costs. At Light Up Energy, our energy consultants take the time to understand what offers the best balance between price and performance.

Why Choose Light Up Energy for Business Electricity?

As a business owner, controlling costs while maintaining quality is paramount. Comparing utility providers and switching is a simple yet effective way to maximise savings. At Light Up Energy, we understand the importance of reducing electricity expenses, especially amidst rising prices.

Experienced & Trustworthy

With over 20 years in the hospitality industry, we provide professional, trusted business electricity services for thousands of businesses.

More Savings with Exclusive Deals

We always warn you of known pitfalls to avoid, minimising costs and finding the most suitable supplier for your needs.

UK Experts on Hand to Help

Our expert team can advise customers on market trends and onsite machinery for cost savings.

Save Time

We will research the market deals for you, offering free advice before, during, and after the energy contract period.

Business Electricity for Hospitality & Small Businesses

UK hospitality and small businesses are increasingly interested in energy and sustainability initiatives. Light Up Energy’s expertise is perfect for all hospitality businesses, including restaurants, hotels, leisure centres, community centres, spas, and golf clubs. This also applies to any business in the hospitality supply chain, including warehouses, logistics, manufacturing, food service, and catering supplies.

Managing business electricity can be a complex task requiring specific knowledge and expertise. Light Up Energy understands that your time is best spent running your business. Therefore, we suggest revolutionary approaches to securing your optimal electricity deal.

We help businesses reduce and better manage their energy consumption through site audits, data analysis, reporting, and strategic support. Our goal is to empower you to make substantial reductions in energy use.

We’ve created guides with tips on saving energy, improving water efficiency, and managing utilities for small and medium businesses. While larger companies can often negotiate better rates, our supplier network can help small hospitality businesses like yours secure lower energy and water rates.

Our experts consult on reducing hospitality energy use and improving sustainability. We advise on electrification projects, optimising new building designs for efficiency, and navigating related planning processes.

We also oversee and manage the installation of energy-saving technologies. Our project management ensures seamless integration of advanced solutions to maximise efficiency.

We collaborate closely with our customers to create customised plans that align with their business goals while focusing on a greener, more sustainable future.

We understand the most effective energy technologies across real hospitality businesses. As an independent firm, this hands-on experience allows us to provide unbiased recommendations on what solutions work best for different situations.

How Light Up Energy Benefits Your Business

Light Up Energy empowers businesses with industry wisdom to make informed decisions and supports them in making the best use of their energy requirements.

We are not just consultants—we are true hospitality experts. Our team has extensive hands-on experience with a proven track record in hospitality, allowing us to bring unmatched expertise to every client project.

Light Up Energy provides a transparent, professional business electricity service to help you select the most suitable energy tariffs and contracts tailored specifically to your business needs.

Our experts can guide you to the best green energy suppliers and deals for small businesses. Light Up Energy understands that SMEs’ unique energy needs differ from those of larger organisations. That’s why we specialise in finding customised green energy solutions tailored to your small business’s specific requirements.

At Light Up Energy, we prioritise customer satisfaction and are dedicated to providing exceptional business electricity service and support regardless of industry or size. We always strive to go above and beyond to ensure a seamless and positive experience.

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Our Process for Better Business Electricity Quotes

At Light Up Energy, we help customers optimise energy usage and reduce costs for businesses through a comprehensive process:

  1. Pricing Tracking: Our experts continuously track electricity prices across markets to identify the best opportunities for energy savings.
  2. Timing Contract Renewals: By strategically timing contract renewals, we ensure you take advantage of the most favourable market conditions and rates.
  3. Leveraging Negotiation: We leverage the collective buying power of our client base, rather than individual businesses, to negotiate better rates and terms with energy suppliers.
  4. Price Comparison: Our price comparison spans over 20 major energy companies to ensure our customers get the most competitive options.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On average, UK small businesses paid between £13,000 and £64,000 for electricity in 2022. This amount varies depending on their size, business type, and energy intensity. However, these businesses experienced an increase of about 35% in electricity bills between 2021 and 2022.

The health sector used the most electricity, at over 271,000 kWh annually in 2022, spending around £22,500 more than in 2021. Hospitality ranked third highest at 113,000 kWh, equating to a £26,710 annual bill - £9,370 more than in 2021.

Businesses often have high energy bills for several main reasons. One reason is buying energy at the wrong time when prices are high. Another reason is wasting energy through old or faulty equipment, poor insulation, or leaving lights and computers on when not in use. Many businesses also do not carefully check their energy bills each month, missing opportunities to fix mistakes or secure better prices.

One major mistake is thinking it's too early to shop for a new contract, as energy markets can fluctuate rapidly. Businesses should monitor rates regularly. Another common pitfall is renewing with the same supplier for convenience, overpaying for familiarity when better rates exist elsewhere. Solely chasing the cheapest rate is also ill-advised, as other contract factors merit consideration.

Neglecting to audit bills regularly means overpaying due to errors. Finally, some businesses pay excessive broker fees when renewing, though renewing directly with suppliers is often more cost-effective.

Energy brokers provide valuable expertise by deeply understanding energy markets, regulations, and pricing trends. This market knowledge allows them to guide businesses towards well-informed electricity procurement decisions. Utilising a broker's business electrical services saves businesses significant time and resources that would otherwise be spent researching and negotiating complex energy contracts.

Brokers also offer access to a broad range of suppliers, enabling comparison shopping for optimal pricing and terms. Most importantly, brokers leverage their negotiation skills and supplier relationships to secure cost-effective electricity contracts with favourable conditions for their clients. This procurement expertise can translate to substantial energy cost savings.

LUE Business Electric Service provides transparent, unbiased electrical services to help businesses find the most suitable electricity tariffs and contracts tailored to their unique needs. Rather than favouring any single supplier, we present a range of competitive offers. Our energy consultants analyse factors beyond just unit rates - including standing charges and contract terms - to make recommendations delivering optimal value.

Comparing tariffs can be complex, but LUE simplifies the process by expertly accounting for businesses' diverse requirements that generic price comparisons often overlook. By leveraging industry expertise that businesses could not obtain independently, LUE can secure better electricity pricing and contract terms.

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