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Why You Should Choose Our Business Energy Consultant and Broker Service?

Energy costs account for a significant portion of a business’s operational expenses, especially in the aviation, food, travel, and hospitality industries. This explains why you should consider the business energy consultant and broker service from Light Up Energy to simplify your energy management for more effective operations.

You can maximise your bottom line as we provide comprehensive guidance tailored to your business energy needs without any changes. Our regular energy audits will help you identify areas where you can save more and increase efficiency.

Streamline your operations with our no-obligation energy supply quotes. We conduct thorough market research to secure the most competitive rates from trusted suppliers, ensuring you do not overpay for electricity or gas costs.

Do you feel burdened by managing all your energy contracts? Let our team track them for you and renew them at optimal times to avoid expensive rollover rates. You can trust our contract management services and have more time to grow your business.

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FREE Energy Advisory Service

With 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, we have first hand experience in running a demanding business. We therefore understand what business operators in this sector want from business energy consultants and brokers.


Our strength lies in how we deal with our customers and building long-term, trusted relationships. As experienced business energy consultants and brokers, we provide key insights on the energy market and a transparent approach for energy quotes, enabling you to make the best decisions for your specific needs.


Here at Light Up Energy we know that no two businesses are the same. That is why we tailor our service to suit you. Our utility experts are available to help you and to provide services based on the specifics of your business. 

No Obligation Quote

Hate feeling pressured to accept a ‘deal’ from your energy broker or when they persistently call you back, even when you ask them not to?… So do we! 

We experience this a lot ourselves, which is why we have set up a brokerage service that addresses what hospitality businesses actually want from their broker. There will never be any hard sales from us and thus we will never pressure you into signing any deal.

Energy Contract Management

We can manage your energy contracts for you.  We understand the administrative challenges involved in running a demanding business.  Finding a new energy supplier can be time consuming and is yet another task that takes you away from your core business operations.

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Benefits to you
  • Avoid paying expensive out-of-contract rates

  • Save time and money

  • Be assured that your contracts are fully taken care of

  • Allows you to focus on the rest of your business


Our commitment to you
  • Remind you when your contracts are up for renewal

  • Send you the latest market prices and insights.

  • Provide you with options for your next step.

  • Contact your supplier on your behalf

  • Complete any paperwork to transfer you smoothly to your new energy contract

Our Process to Help You With Better Energy Contract

At Light Up Energy, we proactively reduce energy costs and optimise your energy contracts.

  • Tracking Prices: Our business energy consultants and brokers continuously monitor and analyse energy prices across all markets. This allows us to track pricing trends, demand fluctuations, and market forces, ultimately pinpointing the most opportune moments for maximising savings.
  • Strategically Timing Contract Renewals: As timing is critical for energy contracts, we strategically schedule your contract renewals. That’s how we can precisely align with favourable market conditions and ensure your business can benefit from the lowest possible rates. Our renewal process will help you prevent costly rollover penalties and locks.
  • Using Group Leverage: We leverage the collective buying power with our large client base to negotiate more preferable rates and terms compared to individual businesses.
  • Comparing Prices: Among our processes, we compare pricing from over 20 major energy suppliers in the UK to guarantee you access to the most competitive offers available at any given time. With our expertise in the industry, you can eliminate the guesswork while maximising your energy contract for your business value.

Our wide range of energy suppliers

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Light Up Energy

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4 days ago

Light Up Energy
Our Working Procedure for Better Business Electricity Quotes:📈 Pricing Tracking: Our experts continuously monitor electricity prices across markets, ensuring we identify the best opportunities for energy savings.🕒 Timing Contract Renewals: By strategically timing contract renewals, we help you take advantage of the most favourable market conditions and rates.🤝 Leveraging Negotiation: We use the collective buying power of our client base to negotiate better rates and terms with energy suppliers, rather than relying on individual business negotiations.🔍 Price Comparison: Our comprehensive price comparisonLet us handle your business electricity needs with transparency and expertise!🌐 www.lightupenergy.co.uk☎️ 0800 193 0788📧 hello@lightupenergy.co.uk#LightUpEnergy #energysolutions #Energyconsultancy #HospitalityEmpowerment ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

Light Up Energy
Tired of dishonest energy brokers that get you fall victim to common pitfalls in energy contracts? Here’s what to watch out for:👉 Hidden Fees: Many contracts include undisclosed charges that can significantly increase your costs.👉 Automatic Renewals: Some contracts renew automatically at higher rates if you don’t cancel in time.👉 Complex Terms: Lengthy contracts with confusing terms can hide unfavourable conditions.👉 Early Termination Fees: High fees for exiting a contract early can trap you in a bad deal.At Light Up Energy, we ensure you avoid these pitfalls. Our transparent services come with no hidden fees, and we provide honest, straightforward advice tailored to your business needs. Experience the difference with Light Up Energy and secure the best deal today!🌐 www.lightupenergy.co.uk☎️ 0800 193 0788📧 hello@lightupenergy.co.uk#LightUpEnergy #EnergySolutions #EnergyConsultancy #HospitalityEmpowerment ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Light Up Energy
Running a restaurant comes with high energy costs, but implementing long-term strategies can significantly reduce your electricity bill. Here are some effective methods:👉 Replace outdated kitchen equipment with Energy Star-certified appliances (ovens, water heaters, and refrigerators) can cut gas usage by up to 30%.👉 Invest in high-efficiency cooking equipment like induction cookware and lightwave ovens can save 15-30% of energy.👉 Install energy-efficient hand dryers in bathrooms and evaporator fan controllers in walk-in coolers. Smart vent hoods with detectors to regulate exhaust fan use can also provide substantial energy savings.👉 Ensure your staff is well-trained in energy-saving practices. Simple actions such as closing the kitchen steamer door and using timers can lead to significant annual energy savings. 👉 Consistent implementation through dedicated training and follow-up is key to long-term success.For more tips and tailored energy solutions, contact Light Up Energy today!🌐 www.lightupenergy.co.uk☎️ 0800 193 0788📧 hello@lightupenergy.co.uk#LightUpEnergy #energysolutions #Energyconsultancy #HospitalityEmpowerment ... See MoreSee Less
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